What is exportsgr.com?

exportsgr.com is a portal that exhibits and presents Greek products and Greek producers/sellers.

What is the purpose of exportsgr.com?

The main purpose is the promotion of these products with:

  • Online media (Banners, AdWords Google, Social Media, articles in selected sites, Newsletters to a huge database with traders of the global market etc)
  • Traditional media (Radio, Television, Newspapers, Magazines, etc.)
  • Participation in international (and domestic) exhibitions, communication with foreign chambers of commerce etc.

The ultimate purpose is to help the producers/sellers to make agreements and sell their products to marketing channels that would not be otherwise possible to reach.

exportsgr.com is not involved in any way in the sales process and its role is limited to contact producers/sellers with potential buyers.

exportsgr.com will also help the producer/seller with advices about the exportation process and bringing him into contact with product packaging, transportation and certification companies.

How can I participate as a producer/seller?

The inclusion of producers/sellers and their respective products in the lists of exportsgr.com is possible with the following procedure:

  • Registration of the producer/seller in exportsgr.com
  • Contact the producer/seller and confirmation of their business
  • Payment of the corresponding subscription
  • Enable Account

How much is the fee/subscription?

There is a subscription cost (per year) formed according to the number of products to be exhibited by the producer/seller:

  • 1-8 products: 170 €
  • 9-16 products: 195 €
  • 17-32 products: 215 €
  • 33 products and over: upon request (minimum charge: 225 €)

I want to know more about exportsgr.com

You can download a short presentation in .pdf format.