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Peper S.A.

The industry of PEPER S.A. has been established in 2000. The owners have scientific constitution and they are two agriculturists’ engineers, a mechanical engineer and an architect mechanical. The plants are in an area of 3, 5 hectares, by the road of Trikala-Kalambaka (Meteora). The plants are in the county of Trikala in the area of Thessaly, 300 km northwards of Athens and 230 km south of Thessaloniki. It is, also, situated in the central of the bigger campaign of Greece .The area is exclusively agricultural without industries.
The ground is seminal, feeder with plenty water and the climate is mild. In these conditions are cultivated products such as threes, gardening’s, cereals, and peppers e.t.c.
The peppers are cultivated by producers from the area of Trikala and Karditsa , who are famed to be the best ones in the production of all types of pepper in Greece ,but especially of Macedonian type. The cultivation of the peppers is directed by agriculturists of our company and all the producers have signed a contract with us.
Apart from these, our company is certified by TUV AUSTRIA HELLAS with
EN ISO 22000:2005 with certificate Registration No. 0708026 With these, you can understand that the whole process is controlled strictly and the final product is guaranteed to correspond to the safety nutrition regulations.


Peper S.A.



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