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The volume of apricots distributed by Protofanousi approaches 1,000 tons annually, with an upward trend in recent years. The varieties marketed are Tyrinthos, Orange Red and Farbaly which come from Halkidiki and Pieria.

The freshly picked apricots are brought to the packing plant in Thessaloniki, where according to the specific instructions of the buyer they are sorted by size and weight and packaged for immediate delivery, with no intervening storage time. The leading markets for the company’s apricots are the Baltic countries, Germany, and Ukraine.

Protofanousi apricots are packed as follows:

Packaging Description Net Weight Dimensions Cases/Pallet 100x120cm

Carton with 5kg (loose) 5kg 40x30x12 150

Carton with 5kg (two layers) 5kg 40x30x12 150 10x1kg

carton 10x1kg 60x40x13 75

Seasonality May, Jun.

Harvest 2017

This year’s distribution began during the last week of May. Overall production was quite low due to unfavourable weather conditions.

Preservation tips for customer: Apricots should be stored in the fridge, where they will keep 5-7 days, and should be washed before eating. If they are too firm, they may be kept in a paper bag outside the fridge for 2 days.It is best to keep them at room temperature before consumption, so that they can attain their full flavor.They can also be kept in the freezer if they are first cut open and their pits removed.

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