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Flashlight H2Only FL-102 “Emergency”


Flashlight H2Only FL-102

H2Only Flash FL-102 “Emergency”

FL-102 “Emergency” Flashlight 0.5 watt cree led, 60 Lumens, without On / Off Ready to Use Switch.

It does not need batteries, it only works with water or other liquid media. Easy to use even for young children. No expiry date as opposed to batteries. The lens is disposable and lasts a full cycle of operation and is Ready to Use Lifetime. Without chemicals or toxic. The lens is made for an emergency use. Suitable for fire hydrants, car, countryside, boat, garage, hunting, fishing, mountaineering, excursions.

The product is recyclable, certified with CE certification, and comes in airtight packaging.

Dimensions: 189g with the package / 130gr. without packaging / 16cm. height and 5cm. diameter (head)

Have you ever been in a state of emergency where you would need a flashlight, and the flashlight you had for such a moment did not light up? Is the reason that you forgot to change the batteries and have reached their point of leakage and destruction? (Often by destroying the lens itself). Is it because you had them for so long that the batteries simply discharged? You no longer have to worry about any of these situations!

The “H2OnlyBattery Lens” will be there for you! As soon as you wet it will light up and keep you in full power for over 8 hours or even can hold for days! (depending on ambient temperature). And the best, once dried, will cease to be disturbed until the next wetting and can wait for EVERYBODY! There is no reason to worry about leaks or expiration dates. In case we want to store the lens, we should intensely dry our battery. Intensive drying has been achieved when there is no light on the LED while the switch is in the ON position. We store it in a dry place and as long as it stays dry it does not change.

This practically means that depending on the use you make, you may not need to buy another flashlight again!

Product of Greek Construction

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