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First online platform, in which Greek products are exhibited for exports.

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Management and protection of the visitor’s/user’s personal data is governed by the terms of the present section, as well as the relevant provisions of Greek and European Law concerning the protection of the individual’s personal data. collects personal data when the visitor/user uses his services and visits his websites, when he signs in his newsletters or his services as a seller/member.

The following are collected (log files) for all (visitors and sellers):

IP address, or the address of the webpage that was asked for, the browser’s type and language, the type of the operating system, date and hour. The collection of these data happens for technical reasons and matters that pertain to the security of‘s systems (server, database, network etc.), while at the same time they are used for the collection of statistical data.

For everyone who will register to the newsletter, the following are collected:

Email address
If the user wants, his full name

For sellers/members who will register to the service, the following are collected:

Data who themselves reveal in order to be promoted by the service e.g. full name, phone number, e-mail etc.
Copy of their police identity and business start in order to prove their commercial activity. uses cookies for the storage of visitors’/users’ choices and preferances, as also for the improvement of the quality of service that is provided to them. They are utilized for making the visitor’s/user’s accessibility into specific services easier and for statistical reasons.

As a visitor/user and/or as a seller/member you agree that all of your personal information is stored into a database. This information will not be revealed to any third party without your consent.

Sellers/members of have the ability to edit whenever they want their personal data and information, as also to update them. In case of updating their email address a validation check is required.

Sellers/members of, who for their own reasons desire to delete their account, they can communicate with the administrators of in such a way that first there must be a member/account validation and then they can request for their account to be deleted.

If a visitor/user or a seller/member disagrees with the privacy policy as it is expected on the current section, he must not use the services of

Cookies and their use uses cookies for your best personal online experience in our webpage.
A cookie is a small text file that contains alphanumeric characters and is stored on your pc/device when you visit our website. Cookies allow our website to acknowledge user’s choices everytime he visits the website. Cookies do not collect or contain any information, but they are read by our server in collaboration with your browser and they may offer better services to the user.

Cookies are stored in your browser’s memory and usually contain:

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Cookies cannot be used for virus spread on your pc and do not execute programs. Cookies are assigned exclusively to you and can be read only by our server that gave them to you.

Apart from the cookies that we store into your pc/device, third party suppliers can also store cookies, such as Google and Facebook (third party cookies). These cookies collect information regarding the way visitors use the website, e.g. which pages they visit regularly and if they have received error messages. They collect anonymous data as a whole without validation of any user and they are used exclusively for the promotion of the websites’s performance.

Visitors of may change their browser in such a way as to deny the cookies we send him, but in this case, some of the services and the capabilities of may stop working.
Some browsers allow the deactivation of third party cookies or allow the configuration of the cookies’ involvement according to the security choices. This will not affect the use and operation of

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IP addresses

The ip address is set by the Internet Service Provider (ISP) through which the user’s pc gains access to the internet, and thus the website The ip address is kept by for technical reasons and as well as security reasons of the website’s systems (server, database, network etc.) and is utilized exclusively and only for the collection of statistical data.
The ip address of the user’s access is possible to be published, if asked for -in compliance with the by law prescribed procedure- by the designated police or judicial or other state authorities.

Social Networking Media

There are built-in plugins, in, through social networking media for the promotion of the products and services of the platform and its collaborators and for the improvement and facilitation of the aforementioned services. If the user chooses to make use of such plugin applications – links, according to the type of the application – link, it is possible for the activity of the user to be displayed in the corresponding profile and to be shared with the remaining members of his network. Furthermore, it is possible for the information of the member’s account to be shared with the provider of the social networking. For more, relating to the use and editing of the user’s data account in case of use of plugin services through social networking media, the users must contact and read the terms of use and the privacy policy of the respective provider of social networking.

Mobile devices and applications

When the visitors’/users’ access in the website is done through a mobile device, the editing of the personal data is done with the same way as when the access in the website is gained through a desktop computer while there could be a gathering of data identifiers of every device (such as settings and device characteristics e.g. operating system, screen size etc.) for the improved accessibility of services and content.


It is possible to be requested of the visitors/users to register in our newsletter, providing their email address and optionally their name to gain access on further information. The email addresses we receive from our users on their registration, will be used exclusively and only for the purposes of our website, without the danger of spam to our users. The subscriber can be deleted from our newsletter whenever he chooses, contacting us through email or clicking in the link “unsubscribe from newsletter” under every newsletter.

Applicable Law

Management and protection of the user’s personal data is subject to the terms of the present section as also to the relevant provisions of Greek Law (L. 2472/1997) on the Protection of Individuals with regard to the Processing of Personal Data as amended and supplemented with L.3471/2006 on electronic communications and the verdicts of the President of the Personal Data Commission and the provisions of European Law. In this context, whichever potential relevant regulation will constitute amendment of the present. In any case retains the right of changing the Privacy Policy within the present or possible new legal context following users’ notice.

The use of the webpage and/or the creation of a seller’s account entails and infers the full and unconditional acceptance of the present terms and consent of the user for processing these data according to the aforementioned terms.