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First online platform, in which Greek products are exhibited for exports.

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Terms & Conditions

General Terms of Use

The service provides various ways of online search and comparison of products made by Greek producers. The search for the products is done by search engine, through assorted categories that the service provides, or by other search methods, that can be developed in the future.

The service is provided to visitors/users free of charge. When the search is completed, the decision to buy by any means, whichever product, by any seller/member is being made with the exclusive responsibility of the visitor and is governed exclusively by the terms of transaction of the specified seller. does not guarantee for the information that is provided by this website. This website is provided -“as is” – without any statement or warranty, express or implied.

The present terms and warranty do not cover under any circumstances the relationship between visitors/users of and any services of the participant sellers/members, who are not subject to or/and the property of

Given the nature and the size of the Internet, not under any circumstances, including the case of negligence, is responsible for any damages of any kind arising from the use of any function, choice and content of the service, by a visitor/user who does as such by his own initiative and knowledge of the present terms.

The role of – Disclaimer provides the internet space and the required technological infrastructure for the research, update, comparison of product prices provided by the participant seller/member, that have been registered in the platform., not under any circumstances obtains the status of the seller and does not participate in the commercial or other kind of transaction between the visitor/user, who will decide to buy a product and the seller/member, who provides it.

In accordance to the aforementioned, both the condition of every product and the compliance with Law and Regulations, that govern the lawful distribution and supply (including the ordinances relating to the conclusion of the agreement from distance by electronic means) are a responsibility of the seller/member who sells/provides and cannot guarantee for the quality, the safety, or the legitimacy of the registered products, the capability of the sellers to provide or their compliance with other general or specific obligations. After the completion of the search and update of the visitors/users for the product of their interest , the role of is also accomplished (finished). If the visitor/user desires to purchase a product, he addresses the seller/member and thereafter, the transaction and his behavior is governed by the terms of use, the privacy policy and the security of transaction of the corresponding seller/member.

In any case, does not provide any guarantee express or implied by any means, about the marketability and the adequacy of the shops’ products for specific purposes. Besides the projection -after the search from the visitors/users- of the selections and the results associated to the search criteria, not under any circumstances is there an exhortation for specific action. Visitors/users make a transaction after their contact with the seller/member or they are redirected to the seller’s/member’s website, who sells the products they want with only their own initiative and responsibility.

Furthermore, visitors/users of this service, must be aware that the features, specifications, and information in general (including availability, warranty information, price, etc.) of the products are short and published as provided by sellers/members who sell the respective products. can not guarantee tthe lack of information on the characteristics, pricing errors and / or delays etc. of products from sellers / members who must maintain updated information of their products and therefore can not guarantee that there will be no errors from any cause whatsoever nor accept any responsibility for the accuracy and the legitimacy of the aforementioned information. may not under any circumstances be liable for lost profits or other damages arising from random actions and choices of the visitors/users use of the services provided to them in accordance with these terms.

In case there is a disagreement and/or a dispute between visitors/users of the service and registered sellers/members, will not bear any responsibility for restoration of any damage regarding any kind of allegations, claims etc. of the aforementioned persons. If nevertheless is required to mediate(intervene), the payment of all the costs and expenses, including the attorney’s paycheck who will represent it in such a dispute, burdens the visitor/user, who caused the involvement of in the procedure of resolving the dispute.

Futhermore, offers no explicit guarantee that the service will be uninterrupted, error free or that errors will be corrected. Also, does not guarantee that the servers by which the service is made available to visitors/users or any other partner site do not contain “viruses” or other malicious software.

Finally, is not held responsible in case of malfunction, service suspension or failure of software or hardware and also does not guarantee and is not held responsible for the quality, efficiency and security of communication for any point of the telecommunications network of the Internet Service Provider(ISP) or other networks required for the opearation of the Service and the website that hosts it and is not liable for network functionality problems caused by third party services and render temporarily or for longer the service unavailable.

Security uses the ssl protocol for secure online communications and transactions. In this way all the personal information of the users are encrypted, so that they can not be read or altered during their transfer to the internet.

The SSL protocol (Secure Sockets Line), is considered a global standard for online certification of web sites to the web users and to encrypt data between web users and web servers. An encrypted SSL link requires all the information being sent between client and server to be encrypted by the sending software and to be decrypted by the recieving software, thus protecting personal information during transport. Furthermore, all the information sent by the SSL protocol is protected by a mechanism that automatically detects wether the data have been altered through their transfer. It should be noted that the communication through SSL protocol is possible only through web browsers that enable communication through this technology.

Final Regulations

Amendment of the terms hereof: reserves the right to modify the terms and conditions of use of the service, informing appropriately the visitors/users and sellers/members and at the same time the present text of any change or addition to the terms. Continued use of the service after every amendment of the present terms entails unconditional acceptance of the amendments. In any casea copy of the present terms, which regulates the current relationship of visitor/user or seller/member with the service, can be stored or printed out by pressing the corresponding option.

These terms and conditions of use of the service and any amendment thereof are governed by Greek Law, European Law and the relevant International Treaties. Any provision of these terms contrary to the Law ceases to apply without in any way affecting the validity of the remaining conditions.